What does it mean to “Eat Like a Bird”


We’ve all heard it said about a friend, a relative, or even ourselves: “They eat like a bird.”

When said of people, that’s a way of saying that someone subsists on remarkably little food.

But what does that statement mean when said about the birds we see and hear outside every day?

​Exactly the opposite!

Because birds, in fact, eat a lot. They have to. Their survival depends on it.

As ornithologists at Cornell University’s world-renowned Bird lab tell us, songbirds have to eat a substantial portion of their body weight in food every day to survive. ​A Chickadee, for example, ​eats​ food equal to 35% of their body weight daily.

To give you some perspective, if a 175-pound adult human had to consume 35% of body weight in food each day, that would add up t​o a daily intake of ​​TWENTY-SIX (26​) pounds of food​!

For songbirds (whose hollow bones means their weights are expressed in a small number of ounces, not pounds) this requires a constant search for natural food sources of several ounces per day. That sounds easy, but it’s actually challenging when you consider how little the seeds, nuts, berries, and insects weigh that are the staples of the bird diet.

​How can we help the birds survive? By supplementing the natural foods found in and around our yards with the freshest, most wholesome bird foods in our bird feeders.​

Freshness of the bird food matters. Fresh, naturally grown food is rich in the vitamins and nutrients that birds — just like humans — need to live. A lot of bird seed sold by big-box, grocery, and hardware stores can contain old seed that has lost its best nutrients. Check out their labels, and you’ll see they’ve had to add artificial vitamins and minerals to make up for the lower quality of their prime ingredients.

​At Wild Birds Unlimited Of Vinings, we sell the cleanest, freshest, and highest-quality bird foods on the market today. We don’t use artificially added vitamins and minerals, because our bird food doesn’t need to be artificially fortified!

Our seed blends are grown specifically for Wild Birds Unlimited by Amish farmers who provide us with the pick of their crop. Only the highest quality black-oil sunflower, striped sunflower, and safflower seeds, along with tree nuts, peanuts, and our own proprietary Bark Butter Bits, go into our seed blends. And the seed is delivered to us direct from the farm — it doesn’t go through intermediary processing or packaging plants. From the Amish farmers’ fields direct to your feeder — that’s what makes Wild Birds Unlimited’s seed blends the best value by a country mile!

But don’t just take our word for it. Watch the birds. They vote with their beaks. Ever watch birds at a feeder spending more time sorting through the seed and tossing to the ground what they don’t want? That’s the sure sign that the feeder has been filled with seed that contains as much of what birds don’t eat — such as oat, wheat, milo, and even grass seeds — as what they do eat! You’ll never see birds sorting seed at your feeder when you fill it with Wild Birds Unlimited’s seed blends. We never use filler seeds. Everything in our seed is not just eaten by the birds. It contains what the birds strongly prefer to eat, specially formulated for the birds in our Southeastern region.

And if you want to get the most bang for your buck with the added benefit of no shell waste to clean up, try our No-Mess and No-Mess Plus blends. All of the oil-rich black-oil sunflower seeds have been shelled, yielding a 100% edible bird food!

So, what does it mean to eat like a bird? When you buy your bird food at Wild Birds Unlimited Of Vinings, it means that you eat like a king!

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