What Do the Birds Need in the Summer?

Many people feel that there is no need to feed the birds when the weather is nice and the flowers are blooming. Birds and Bees have plenty of natural foods so we don’t need to provide anything else, right?


There are many reasons to feed the birds- even when there seems to be an abundance of natural foods.

By providing quality supplemental foods you increase the quality of feather growth and maintenance.  As you might guess, it takes a lot of nutrients to maintain all those ALL IMPORTANT feathers.







As you can see, having the proper nutrition could mean the difference between being able to fly, and survive, and not!

Another reason that Spring and Summer are some of the best times to offer quality supplemental foods because it is mating and breeding season for many(most) of our backyard friends.

When you provide a safe and nutrient rich habitat, you can have a front row seat to the mating rituals and courting antics of Cardinals and Bluebirds (some of our most beautiful of feathered friends).

Many a times I have seen a bight red male cardinal feed his mate a plump sunflower or safflower seed.  Why does he do that?  This proves to his potential mate that he is capable of providing the food she needs when she has babies to feed.


After courting and mating is complete, it is time to breed.  It takes copious amounts of fat, proteins and calcium to produce high quality eggs that are durable and provide a crucial first environment for healthy hatchlings.

During these weeks, many of our avian families have one, perhaps two chances for a successful nesting attempt.  The closer their food source is to their nesting sight, the better the odds of success.

By providing quality supplemental foodsnot only do we assure proper nutrition but we also allow the parents to stay close to the nest to defend it against predators.



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