Do Your Part to Help Wildlife in the Winter

Everything is Relative.

What does that mean and how does that affect our backyard.  Simply this- even though we probably won’t see our temperatures drop to those bone chilling lows that are expected elsewhere, our wildlife can and will benefit from our assistance.

Feeding birds is more than just a hobby.

It is a way that humans can interfere in their environment in a positive way.

Birds spend all day looking for enough food to simply make it through one cold night.  When we place quality, nutritious food near where they roost, we allow them to find the necessary sustenance much more quickly.  In addition, by visiting well placed and thoughtful feeding stations that provide reliable  food, the birds are safe from predators.


2 thoughts on “Do Your Part to Help Wildlife in the Winter”

  1. You speak truth, Kathryn. I am a year-round feeder of the birds in my yard. By consistently feeding the birds in my yard, I have helped them beat the odds — they get more energy to look for food over a wider space. In return, my yard is filled with a wide variety of our many local bird species, who bring color and song year round. I do notice variations in how much bird food the birds consume. I simply adjust the amounts I leave for the birds to correspond to their need for my food sources at any given time of the year. I never stop feeding, however. And I always use the best bird food, because it is the best for the birds and it also is the best value for me. The incredibly fresh and clean seed blends and suet products available at Wild Birds Unlimited of Vinings, along with their live mealworms, keep my birds going all year. 🐦🐤🐣

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